CV. Cahaya Prima Mandiri

Corrugated Packaging Box Manufacture in Indonesia

Production capacity up to 1000 tons/month

CV. Cahaya Prima Mandiri is committed to continuously improving our production quality. To be a leading packaging box manufacturer, we always keep up with the latest packaging technology in the industry.

Production Process

Confirmed Order

Order Customized Packaging for Your Business!

Orders are delivered according to the requested time by the customer.

We listen to and fulfill the packaging needs of every customer.

  • Supporting water conservation, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and carbon emissions reduction,

  • Water conservation: Collecting rainwater for water needs in the production area and ground tank hydrant.

  • Energy efficiency: Utilizing solar panels for lighting.

  • Environmental sustainability: Implementing waste water treatment to convert waste into clean water.

  • Carbon emissions reduction: Using electric forklifts and solar energy for electricity needs (Future investment).

Current Machinery

  • Manual Cutting Machine
  • Eccentric Machine
  • Longway Machine
  • Digital Printing Machine
  • Sample Maker Machine
  • Slitter Slotter Machine
  • Semi Automatic Gluing Machine
  • Manual Stitching Machine
  • Automatic Gluing Machine
  • Punching Machine
  • Table Saw Machine
  • Wrapping Machine
  • Platten Die Cut Machine
  • Semi-Automatic Stitching Machine
  • Quality Testing Lab Facility


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Our Machines at the Beginning of Establishment in 2005

  • Manual Cutting Machine
  • Slotter Machine
  • Longway Machine
  • Manual Stitching Machine
  • Mendukung penghematan air, penghematan listrik, kelestarian lingkungan dan pengurangan emisi karbon.
  • Penghematan air : Menampung air hujan untuk kebutuhan air di bagian produksi dan ground tank hydrant.
  • Penghematan listrik : Menggunakan solar panel untuk lampu penerangan.
  • Kelestarian lingkungan : Menggunakan waste water treatment untuk mengubah limbah menjadi air bersih.
  • Pengurangan emisi karbon : Menggunakan forklift listrik dan Tenaga Surya untuk kebutuhan listrik (Future investment)

Kami mendengar dan memenuhi kebutuhan packaging setiap customer.

    pesanan dikirim sesuai dengan waktu yang diminta customer

    Mesin Kami Saat Ini

    • Mesin potong manual
    • Mesin essentrik
    • Mesin longway
    • Mesin digital printing
    • Mesin sample maker
    • Mesin slitter slotter
    • Mesin lem semi otomatis
    • Mesin jahit manual
    • Mesin lem otomasi
    • Mesin pond
    • Mesin table saw
    • Mesin wrapping
    • Mesin platten die cut
    • Mesin jahit semi otomatis
    • Fasilitas lab uji coba kualitas karton

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    Mesin Kami Pada Awal Berdiri Tahun 2005

    • Mesin potong manual
    • Mesin slotter
    • Mesin longway
    • Mesin jahit manual